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【Workshop Opening Hours 本店營業時間】

Obellery由2017年七月一日起營業時間將調整為每天上午11時至晚上7時。如有任何查詢請致電 2155-4198。不便之處,敬請原諒。

Thank you for visiting Obellery. Our opening hours will change starting 1st July 2017. New opening hours will be Monday to Sunday 11:00AM to 07:00PM.

PMQ- Block B, Shop H311, 35 Aberdeen St
Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong


The studio presents unique contemporary jewellery & object from different artists. They are all one of a kind and contain attitude. We aimed to promote contemporary & innovative objects as well as metal craft to public. Regular jewellery and metalwork making workshop will be held in the studio for those who love to learn how to produce a unique piece of handmade jewellery.



Belinda Chang


April marks our debut within the Japanese demographic.

It has been a truly delightful experience for us to have taken part in Meetscal Store by Parco.

It was a fabulous venue for us to showcase our curated ensemble of contemporary jewellery, and also meet many local talents and other creative individuals. For those within the area, the pop-up only lasts till 23rd April, be sure to catch a glimpse of the talented mix of designer-makers for yourself!

Obellery at TRANOÏ, Paris!

Belinda Chang

Hoping to introduce our jewellery to more audience from the rest of the world. We took one step forward to show our works in Paris. It was an eyeopening experience and we look forward to bring our jewellery to more places in other countries!

Obellery Pop Up at Central Central Shop

Belinda Chang


Thank you Central Central for inviting us. It was our great pleasure to have our Pop Up Store in Central Central Shop. Their Cozy setting offers an unforgettable experience not just for shoppers, but for us too! It has been a fantastic week stationing in the heart of Central, reaching lots of new people and getting compliments on our designers' fabulous works.

All good things must come to an end, but it only makes the experience more precious while it lasted. Keep up with us and subscribe to our newsletter, we'd love to see you the next time we have another pop up store!

Craft Trend Show 2016 in Seoul Korea

Belinda Chang

We are very honoured to be invited to the Craft Trend Show in Seoul. The Show also marks the debut of Jade Wong, an emerging designer who is now one of Obellery's featured designers.  Her work has immediately drawn the attention of the visitors and received compliments along with many of our other designs. We are thrilled to have been a part of this event, it was an excellent opportunity bathing in the foreign design culture.


Belinda Chang




The history of Cloisonné enamelling traces back to the Byzantine Age, and is believed to be the very first enamelling technique.This technique can be easily distinguished by the strands of metal inlaid onto the surface. The compartments outlined using ribbons of metal will then be furnished with powdered enamel, showcasing a multitude of colours.

The workshop will be conducted by Wu Ching-Chih, an award-winning jewellery artist specialising in enamelling. It is our pleasure to have him as the tutor again, he will share with us his experience and the key to mastering this traditional technique.

 Fee: $980 HKD /Per Person (Includes all materials and tools)

Learning Outcome: An enamelled pendant in sterling silver with your own pattern and colour design (Chain is not included)

Class Capacity: 10 People per Class

Class A) - 21/1/2017, 11:30 am- 14:30 pm

Class B) - 21/1/2017, 15:30 pm- 18:30 pm

Class C) - 22/1/2017, 11:30 am- 14:30 pm

Class D) - 22/1/2017, 15:30 pm- 18:30 pm

Booking: Limited seats, please contact us to make your reservation via:

Tel: +852 2155 4198


PMQ - Shop H403, Block B, No.35 Aberdeen St. Central, Hong Kong

TurboJET Horizon

Belinda Chang

Thank you TurboJET Horizon for featuring us in their 2016 October issue.

很感謝Horizon雜誌於最新一期內介紹Obellery以及Belinda Chang的作品。簡潔的文字概括了我們Obellery的理念和Belinda設計的精巧。

We are so grateful to be featured in the latest issue of Horizon Magazine, introducing readers to Obellery, as well as Belinda Chang’s designs. Travellers will now be able to learn about contemporary jewellery and the fascinating designs Obellery has to offer.


Belinda Chang

為了慶祝第二屆深港設計雙年展 HK-SZ Design Biennale 深港設計雙年展,OBELLERY 將配合香港設計總會,於九月18日、九月25日、10月2日提供六個名額,以優惠價HKD600(原價HKD880)參加銀戒指製作班。
詢問與定位請發郵件到 或致電 21554198.

To celebrate the 2nd HK-SZ Design Biennale ,OBELLERY and FHKDA are offering 6 limited seats with special price $600 for Silver Ring Making Workshop on 18th and 25th of September, 2nd of October. (Original price was $800) 
For more information please email or phone 21554198.


Belinda Chang

In collaboration with Wing Wo Hong, we have invited Fretz Design LLC from the US to demonstrate their selection of tools. Fretz Design are best known in the jewellery industry for their vast array of hammers, stakes and other forming tools.

We are honoured to be having William Fox Fretz II and Jordan Revere Fretz demonstrate a few different designs utilising the forming techniques and the appropriate Fretz Design tools.

The demonstration will be held here at Obellery on 21st September starting at 11 in the morning. The professional craftsmen will demonstrate 3 different designs, each featuring different ways of forming.

  • Wide Convex Fluted Freeform Cuff Bracelet
  • Narrow Domed Single Line Fluted Cuff 
  • Round Fluted Mobius Pendent

It is surely a rare opportunity to see professional forming artisans working in person, we wish that you could all join us on the day!

Please RSVP via or call 21554198 (Limited space)

OBELLERY 與永和行聯合邀請了源於美國的Fretz Design LLC於本店示範金工中的傳統捶擊技巧。Fretz Design於珠寶業內是知名的工具製造品牌,是次示範的捶擊塑形工具尤其有名。

這次示範將會由William Fox Fretz II 及 Jordan Revere Fretz 兩位大師作示範,製作不同以捶擊技巧為基礎的手鐲。當中包括凹槽的塑造,中凸手鐲以及梅比斯環狀吊墜。




PICK 11 @ K11 From 15 Jul - 11 Sep 2016

Belinda Chang

Thank you K11 for picking us to be 1 of their 12 popular fashion brands! Check out PICK 11 and how  they style our jewellery at K11 atrium. Also, don't forget to visit K11 Design Store for more of our collections ;)

Clink on the link to see close-ups on how PICK11 style Belinda's Fruity Collection:


Jewellery Making Workshop in Obellery

Belinda Chang

每一件首飾由製作過程到完成品都保留了製作人的感受和獨有的視覺語言。人手製作是用於表達自我還是突顯人與人之間的關係? 從7月份開始,首飾製作課程的時間以及教學內容將會有所改動,新增了首飾制作延續課程,為對首飾製作有特別要求的學員提供更專業的意見。

New location in PMQ, start from 1st March 2016

Belinda Chang

OBELLERY將在五月份遷店到新的位置,現時H311的舖位將營業至本月28號。4月29及30號將暫停營業。新的店址在PMQ四樓 H403,並且會在5月1日正式開業。

Hello everyone, we are moving to a new Location during the end of April. Our current shop will meet its last day on 28th April, followed by 2 days of furnishing (29 and 30th April). We will be back to business on 1st May at our new location H403, 4th Floor in PMQ, come to visit us and see you in May 2016.

Obellery pop up store in K11 Design store

Belinda Chang

Hello 我們在Pop up store 現已開放,歡迎參觀 :-D
星期一,星期三,星期五至日 11:00-2:00pm 和5:00-8:00pm


Dear friends, our pop up shop in K11 Design Store is ready please come visit ! For the Silver Ring Class in K11 we have two time slot :

Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday
11:00-2:00pm and 5:00-8:00 pm

Can apply via this link:…/silver-ring-jewellery-works…

obellery workshop

Obellery pop up store in K11 Design Store

Belinda Chang

Our POP UP store in K11 Design Store is opening on 1st February 2016 to 20th March 2016, you can now join our Silver Ring Workshop and visit our jewellery store in K11.

[Jewellery workshops in K11 Pop up store]
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
2 time slots available by appointment:
11:00 - 2:00 pm and 5:00-8:00 pm

[Jewellery workshops in PMQ Store]
Tuesday to Sunday
3 time slots available by appointment:
11:00 - 2:00 pm 2:30-5:30 and 7:00-10:00 pm

Phone: +852 2155 4198

Thank you guys!

Belinda Chang

Thank you everyone who came to our exhibition with Wu,ching-chih Art Jewellry on last Friday, we had such wonderful time. The Exhibition is from now until the 23rd Jan 2016, 11 days left, don't miss it wink emoticon

多謝大家上星期抽空來臨Obellery 首次策劃的當代首飾展-吳竟銍個人展「想像的共同體」,並度過一個愉快的晚上。展覽期至本月23日,歡迎來到元創坊H310參觀,萬勿錯過。




Belinda Chang





OBELLERY Jewellery Studio features unique contemporary jewellery from independent artists, whose works are one of a kind and portrays their personality. Putting a modern touch on traditional goldsmithing techniques, artists create their own visual language to illustrate their thoughts and to share with us all.

Our first collaborative jewellery exhibition presents Wu Ching-Chih, a renowned Taiwanese artist specialising in enamelling. He is known for his excellence in illustrating abstract themes and personal thoughts with his works. He achieves so by combining traditional goldsmithing and enamelling techniques with his distinguished visual style to create his series of work. 

Through this exhibition, we hope that our audience will have a better understanding of contemporary jewellery, and be able to appreciate that arts can be more than just pursuit for visual beauty, but means of expression for the artist to communicate with his audience.





空窗琺瑯首飾制作班 - 





學費:$750 HKD /一位(包括所有材料、工具及燒窯費)
製成品: 一對琺瑯耳環或吊咀,耳針部分為925純銀
課程人數: 每班最多10人
Class A) - 9/1/2016, 2016 12:30pm- 3:30pm
Class B) - 9/1/2016, 2016 4:30pm- 7:30pm
Class C) - 10/1/2016, 2016 12:30 pm- 3:30pm

Ketchup Magazine

Belinda Chang

Thank you KetchupFACEmag for introducing our workshop. In our workshop you can make your own jewellery / metalwork by using techniques like annealing, soldering, filing and hammering, if you want to experience this you are welcome to visit our website to check out our course information.