Annie Huang is a South African-Taiwanese jewellery designer. Her rich, multi-cultural background serves as an inspiration for her latest award winning collection, ‘Sense of Belonging’. Being nominated for Her latest collection ‘Sense of Belonging’ illustrates the complexity of being human. Each individual piece is formed with layers of metal, each layer engraved with personal memories collected by the designer from her encounters with interesting people. The burnished edges and lines of the layered metal exploits the depth of human emotions and provokes thought concerning where one truly belongs. By examining her piece, is to examine a fragment of an individual’s life.

The jewellery is organic and imperfect to resemble a branch on a tree. There are certain bark like textures that seem to almost peel off, to resemble a partial unveiling of the self. The colours range from autumn leaves, to subtle grey tones, intended to allow viewers to contemplate their thoughts without distraction. On closer inspection, some pieces have visible words that the audience can choose to interpret or they can ask the designer to share the full story. The aim is to communicate, share and relate through art jewellery.

'Sense of Belonging' Neckpieces
'Sense of Belonging'
'Sense of Belonging' Brooches
'Sense of Belonging' Bangle
'Sense of Belonging' Brooch