From silky white to glossy black, and the dazzling blue-greens in between, mother of pearl’s spectrum of lustre earned it a well-deserved place among precious jewels.


The soft lustre of mother of pearl gives this collection its signature charisma. Set on 18k gold frames, the finely polished nacre gems give off a dreamy iridescence.

Amid the spectrum of lustre available to these prized jewels, the designer has carefully selected blanched pastel tones for a subtle yet elegant aesthetic.

Symphony Ring

Embedded with pearl white tiles, the silky glow lends a feminine charisma to the otherwise hefty form.

The soft lustre of nacre tiles are juxtaposed to the metallic gold sheen, creating quite the statement.

Medley Earrings (IIIII)

Mismatched strips of nacre are pieced together into this medley of dreamy treasure. Viewed from different angles, the gem gleams in a variety of soft pastel hues.

Dolce Earrings

Divided in quarters of pink and amber, this sweet looking wonder is a sight that melts the heart.