11 Nov, 2014 South China Morning Post wrote about us and other Jewellers in Hong Kong.

South China Morning Post

Special Report: Jewellery by Elizabeth Turner

Here's our interview:

1. How would you describe the current independent/contemporary jewellery scene in HK right now and what is driving it's current status?

The jewellery industry has long been well established and well known in Hong kong. However, the jewellery field is still remains mostly the traditional visual value. 

The local jeweller is rising up in Hong Kong as they think that jewellery is something more than just diamond and gold. They are trying to fill in more design elements and creative process into the jewellery field. 

They are trying to develop different materials and offer new visual experience to the public. The public requests something more individual and unique. Although, the term contemporary jewellery is still unfamiliar in Hong Kong, 

however, nowadays a lot more young designer willing to spend their afford to develop something more unusual to public. They start with the craft market as a platform to seek out the potential audience. 

At the moment, I think the contemporary is developing and rising positively.

2. How has the current situation changed from before that makes it possible for a gallery like yours to open?

In Hong Kong, a lot of craft market existed in last few years, it provides a lot of opportunity to young designer in Hong Kong. The public gets to know more the design and making process from individual designer. 

With the interaction, it creates a good environment for Hong Kong public. The people are curious and they want something more specific. They take time to find out what we are doing and how we did it. 

It is what makes the environment easier for designer to start they own business. In Obellery, we share what we know, how we create the jewellery pieces. We promote our own design as well as the craftsmanship. 

We offer other kind of experience to the public. People are really interested in this way of interaction.

3. How would you describe the style(s) of contemporary jewellery and in particular, designs at Obellery and what makes them stand out?

We are trying to fill in some creative elements into fine Jewelleries. We are offering something you won’t be able to see in the public. 

There are few different designer’s jewellery displaying in our gallery. Each of us are into specific aesthetic visual language. 

Each piece of work contains designer’s own opinion, cultural element and aesthetic value from individual designer. That make the jewellery pieces unique.

4. Who are the people interested in buying contemporary jewellery in HK and what are they looking for?

In Hong Kong, The people interested our jewellery most are from the middle class, They are stylish and willing to try something different. 

They are looking for something more specific than simply precious metal and stone. They enjoy putting the jewellery on and trying to find out how it works and what method lead to its appearance.