Mail Box Making with Wing Chan

這次Obellery為大家帶來耳目一新的課程,由香港設計師Wing Chan教授製作懷舊信箱,可作為吊咀或胸針等。課程只開設兩班,可於Facebook, 電話或電郵形式報名

時間:10:30 - 14:30 (4小時)
費用:$1,280 HKD

Let's experience a Mail Box Making with Hong Kong Jeweller Wing Chan

In this class you can make a Hong Kong traditional mailbox pendent or brooch by using brass or copper. You will learn different skills including sawing, soldering and metal polishing. 

Course Information:
Date : 22/29 Aug 2015
Duration : 10:30 - 14:30 ( 4 hours )
Candidate : 4 seats per class
Fee : $ 1,280 HKD