In collaboration with Wing Wo Hong, we have invited Fretz Design LLC from the US to demonstrate their selection of tools. Fretz Design are best known in the jewellery industry for their vast array of hammers, stakes and other forming tools.

We are honoured to be having William Fox Fretz II and Jordan Revere Fretz demonstrate a few different designs utilising the forming techniques and the appropriate Fretz Design tools.

The demonstration will be held here at Obellery on 21st September starting at 11 in the morning. The professional craftsmen will demonstrate 3 different designs, each featuring different ways of forming.

  • Wide Convex Fluted Freeform Cuff Bracelet

  • Narrow Domed Single Line Fluted Cuff

  • Round Fluted Mobius Pendent

It is surely a rare opportunity to see professional forming artisans working in person, we wish that you could all join us on the day!

Please RSVP via or call 21554198 (Limited space)

OBELLERY 與永和行聯合邀請了源於美國的Fretz Design LLC於本店示範金工中的傳統捶擊技巧。Fretz Design於珠寶業內是知名的工具製造品牌,是次示範的捶擊塑形工具尤其有名。

這次示範將會由William Fox Fretz II 及 Jordan Revere Fretz 兩位大師作示範,製作不同以捶擊技巧為基礎的手鐲。當中包括凹槽的塑造,中凸手鐲以及梅比斯環狀吊墜。