New Collection by INÊS TELLES


今個春季OBELLERY迎來一位新的設計師 — Ines Telles



Joining OBELLERY’s curated collection this Spring we have Ines Telles.

She lends a minimalistic tone to her work, making inspiring yet subtle pieces. Behind the facade of subtleness lies rich ties to art history and culture, revealing pieces of the designer’s identity.

Ines is not afraid of bold decisions when it comes to her own designs, drawing inspiration from her studies in Art History and experience of travels. Like Ines herself, her work stands out with its own unique charisma; conforms to no one’s preferences but patiently waits for those who appreciate the designs exactly the way they are. You can find Inês collection in OBELLERY now!

ILHAS Earring 2.jpg
ILHAS Earring 3.jpg
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