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PMQ- Block B, Shop H403, No.35 ABERDEEN STREET
Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong


Obellery is a Contemporary Jewellery Studio founded in 2014 by Hugo Yeung and Belinda Chang. It is located in the PMQ - the heart of Soho, Hong Kong.

The studio features unique contemporary jewellery from independent artists. Their works are all one of a kind and portrays their personality. The studio aims to promote contemporary and innovative wearable-object as well as metal craft to the public. Jewellery and metalwork workshops take place in the studio for those who love to learn how to produce a unique piece of handmade jewellery by appointment.


New Collection by Belinda Chang

Belinda Chang



今個夏季OBELLERY為你帶來Belinda Chang最新系列Bubbling Sensations Collection.

這一系列的作品延續了First Frost系列的精髓,以無數的小圓珠拼湊起來形成氣泡般的結構。每一顆圓珠均是設計師以蠟雕琢而成,並打磨成圓滑無瑕的表面,眾多珠子的反光面讓這一系列的作品如同寶石般耀眼,散發著柔和的光彩。

When the joys deep inside us manifests into a slight tingling, that’s when we know we see something perfect. The Bubbling Sensations Collection takes the frozen droplets of first frost to a whole new level, overwhelming us with clusters of beaded beauties. Countless orbs carved in staggering arrays and polished to a soft radiance is the signature charm of this collection.

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