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PMQ- Block B, Shop H403, No.35 ABERDEEN STREET
Hong Kong Island
Hong Kong


Obellery is a Contemporary Jewellery Studio founded in 2014 by Hugo Yeung and Belinda Chang. It is located in the PMQ - the heart of Soho, Hong Kong.

The studio features unique contemporary jewellery from independent artists. Their works are all one of a kind and portrays their personality. The studio aims to promote contemporary and innovative wearable-object as well as metal craft to the public. Jewellery and metalwork workshops take place in the studio for those who love to learn how to produce a unique piece of handmade jewellery by appointment.


Nicole Walger
Nicole Walger
Nicole Walger

Natural form

Nature is unique. As unique as the jewellery in Nicole's collection. The natural forming of metal, the use of non-cutting forming techniques punching, splitting and stretching lends each item of jewellery its own characteristic form. It is also the acknowledgement of the initial form that makes this jewellery so interesting. It lives from its origins. The use of pure metals and the natural growth process in the forming procedure make each piece a unique gem in its own right.

cubes_Nicole Walger
Cubes Bangle_Nicole Walger

The jewellery is created by changing metal shapes. The focus is not on filing, but on techniques like punching, splitting or expanding, the kind of techniques that started out in wrought iron work. By working with precious metals, these "old" techniques are used in a new context. The jewellery arises exclusivly from the process of changing shape, and after that, no further processing takes place.


Depending on the original geometric shape, different forms of jewellery are created.

Teilen_Nicole Walger
Teilen_Nicole Walger
Teilen_Nicole Walger

Teilen (Share)

The process of sharing is the focus of these rings. As a symbolic answer to the question -do you want to share with me? - the couple splits a piece of precious metal. Out of the two resulting cuboid pieces the rings are made by pure craftsmanship.

(Engagement rings, wedding rings of fine gold or fine silver)

Teilen_Nicole Walger


Für dich für mich für uns (For you, for me and for us)

The rings are formed out of a single piece of precious metal. One ring is sawed from the other. Thus, they are dependent to each other, but formed independently in the further process. By forging, stretching and compressing, the rings are adapted to their sizes. On the outer edges there are traces of the deformation process, so each ring is unique. The sawdust that is produced during the sawing is molten to a nugget and the nugget is delivered as a gift "for us". The couple gets the rings, the nugget and a documentation together in a box.

(Rings of fine gold or fine silver)


Wedding rings
Double cylinder rings

Independent forms arise out of two double cylinders that are connected in the origin. Through the forging procedure the rings are individualized in size and form. They are finally separated by the couple.

Material: fine gold or fine silver