Traditional Hong Kong Mailboxes Pin / Necklace

Traditional Hong Kong Mailboxes Pin / Necklace

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Taking inspiration from the designer's native culture, the designer captures moments in time with these miniature mailboxes. A staple in Hong Kong historic culture, these mailboxes are slowly replaced in urbanization. The designer wishes to commemorate this bygone era with these mini replicas.

Available in copper and sterling silver.

Necklace sizing:

Large Size: 24mm x 37mm; accompanied by 17" leather necklace

Small size: 19mm x 28.5 mm; accompanied by 13" brass chain

Pin Sizing:

Large Size: 24mm x 37mm

Small Size: 19mm x 28.5mm

Modelled after traditional mailboxes in Hong Kong, Wing Chan creates detailed miniatures to capture the essence of local Hong Kong culture. Staying true to the original mailboxes, the designer uses copper and brass to create his pieces. The miniature mailboxes can be worn as a pin or a pendant, suspending from the body just as real mailboxes do.

Each piece is handmade to order, we will need 3 weeks time before the shipment, if you want to talk to us before purchase, feel free to contact us via

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Jeweller: Wing Chan