This course is for those who have yet to experience the joys of jewellery making and would like to give learning these new skills a try. We provide 6 templates from which to choose from and each style comes with different techniques. You may choose one style per class. Our tutor will teach in a group or as individuals to provide guidance and technical support throughout the process.

You will learn the basic silversmithing skills such as: Piercing, Filing, Annealing, Soldering, Basic hammering, Texturing, Polishing, Twisting


Course Information:

Fee: $880 / person (5 grams of silver is provided)

Learning outcome: A silver ring

Class size: Max 4 people

Duration: 1 lesson, approximately 3 hours

When: By appointment from Monday – Sunday 

(11:00am – 2:00pm, 2:30pm – 5:30pm, 7:00pm – 10:00 pm)

We provide all the tools and equipments needed for jewellery making. Extra silver fee may be charged depending on the weight. For health and safety issues, you will be asked to tie up your hair and wear closed shoes during the making process.

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Health and Safety

For health and safety issues, persons with long hair will be asked to tie up their hair, and close-toed shoes should be worn during the making process.

In the case of accidentally causing minor cuts, not to worry, we have a first-aid kit in our gallery at all times.

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Reservations has to be made for all classes in advance:

  • For weekdays, please confirm your reservation with us the week before

  • For weekends, we advise our clients to reserve your bookings 2 weeks ahead, since weekends are usually very popular.

Full payment has to be made before booking (either in person or bank transfer). If you wish to change your booking after it has been confirmed, please inform us 2 days before the original date of appointment. We allow no more than twice for an individual client to change their booking.

In the case of absence during confirmed workshop time, we regret to inform you that those clients will not be refunded.